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-Mike, Doug and Team Barbell Shrugged
FLIGHT SCHOOL: Olympic Weightlifting Training
Learn step-by-step how to Snatch, Clean and Jerk with great technique from experienced coaches so you can lift heavier weights, get more PRs more often and impress the sh*t out of your friends.

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"I feel like even if I am far from perfect form, I have gained education and knowledge over what I am SUPPOSED to be doing. Feeling myself doing it right is the main key I had been missing. Everything felt so uncomfortable and now I am starting to get the feel of right vs. wrong with the lifts. The videos and help from Barbell Shrugged coaches have been worth every penny!!"
Brett Wright

I feel much more confident considering my inexperience with the lifts.DAILY barbell practice has been key. Hundreds and hundreds ofreps with the barbell in the different pull positions for theclean and snatch have really started to ingrain those pathways into my head and body.
Josh Firth

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